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Welcome to Skanörs Fiskrögeri

In Skanör’s harbor, at the southwestern-most point in Scania and Sweden, there are two white chimneys rising up like a culinary landmark from the smokehouse, Skanörs Fiskrögeri, restaurant and shop, guiding the way to a dining experience rooted in the Scanian gastronomic tradition. In Skanör, we have been fishing, smoking and selling herring for over 1000 years. So it is no exaggeration to call our work a tradition in our area.
Whenever the spirit moves you, bring some good friends, happy-go-lucky colleagues, your cherished family and jovial relatives, or just come yourself! Sit at the smokehouse and gaze out over the watery nature reserve, the harbor and the sea while enjoying good food and the good life.

The smokehouse is a seasonal tavern open from April to September, with both the restaurant and the shop being open every day in the summer months. In the spring and autumn, the shop is open Wednesday to Sunday and the restaurant is open Thursday to Sunday. You will find the opening hours under “Öppettider”.

The shop carries many delicious specialties – smoked fish of all kinds, pickled herring, pâtés, fresh and smoked shellfish with sauces and bread. Buy some to bring home as a small appetizer before dinner or serve it as the main course. If you are arranging a party at home, we are also available for catering.

Drop in at the restaurant and have a small snack, bring grandma for a Sunday family dinner or bring your work colleagues after a hard day’s work. Here you can choose between smoked and fried, boiled and grilled, meat and fish, hot and cold, something for all tastes and all occasions.
When the summer sun is shining, you can choose to sit indoors or enjoy our lovely outdoor seating!

Charlotte H Lendrop & Markus Holmberg
Hostess & Host